Intro : The wake up movement

20:47 As well designed the nature made us , we start up waking up
as a baby and we end up dying as sleeping from what i call the
unreal life , which is basically real life. Yes, so i was wondering
, what is life for you ? I was about to say < you fucking human >
but i'm not stupid , i know the reader would be like 'you're a
fucking human too asshole' , hehe yes that's true, good point , but
you know i want to tell you something , we are not very human
as we told us we were , a ''human'' is a ''human'' if he's the exact
copy of not another one but himself, you can call that a clone.

You might ask what's the point of my book , of this shitty page
, shitty story , no you might not ask cause i'm alone in this
fucking shit , lol i wonder if one of my 5.000 visitors ( thanks btw)
got through here. If you lucky dude wanna know , i created
this book to talk about some philosophic life question's , try to
solve theorem , talk about life , my life , my eyes , my brain , me ,
my soul, you know , what i think , how this page could end up full
of bloody kill :) , Eh... i imagine you being like 'fuck you i don't care
, you're just one from the 7billions human alive ,
nobody cares and you're alone in your shit' , and that wasn't
even you , i wrote it by thinking it ,
you see how fucked i am . Yeah i care about you , i just want you to
say 'you're useless and even if i read this page and thinking
about that , tomorrow i'll be living the same life, haha you stupid
waste of time..

HAHA if that's what you said , i would comprehend .. But Fuck you
absolutely , if you're messing with me then why you're here ,
you free to go ... Nevermind so as the intro said , this story will be about ,
many many things , or nothing as the lazy poor boy i am uk. thank you for
reading anyways..bye 17/06/2018

btw i know it's stupid but i'm a shit at
html5 codes , sry lol.