(EN) 24/03/2019

Added- Cool links page. 'On your left'.

(EN) 17/12/2018

Added- Saturation effect to main page.

(EN) 09/12/2018

HELLO everyone !

What happened?

I rebuilt a brand new home page , of course i'm not a coder so this page look's awfull depending on your screen resolution. My BIG problem for coding right now As i said , depending on your screen resolution the page is either zoomed or zoom out. I built this site with a resolution of 1280x960 with zoom of 90%... I'm really sorry i looked for hour how to solve this but i can't find , i can't scale my pages... Like you know , it's pretty hard right ? And if i can solve this problem , it will be my key to the victory you know

What's next, new?

First of all , what's new , a 'cool sites/links' website will be added soon , instead of weird websites but i will keep the weird websites cause it's different... maybe i will create a page for my horrible drawn pictures.. A new 'update log' on the main page. Buttons (i'll add more) , some are linked. My own button 'SPIROULY SITE SUCK' , in the left side of the page. _

And what next?
• Surely a description about me
• A cool sites page (in work , just need to scale the page)
• I will try to write next part of the book (in work , some parts already wrote) (btw it's not that a book , it's like only 10 pages idk)
• A page for my drawing's (in work)
• Improving the weird sites page (in work)
• Update for the image page (in work)